Dear valued clients,

We are so very grateful for your support and business.


It truly means so much to me, the staff at Give 5 Productions, all the Belles, our band, our technicians, my husband Heath, daughter Lily Jean and our son Hudson Johnnie (pictured in utero, born 5/21/21!)

Please keep us posted with any and all questions at any time!


We are truly at your service.

 Julia Tobey

Founder, Owner | The Beverly Belles

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We are proud of our 100% satisfaction rate!

Please let us know if you would like to speak directly with a past client.

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The Beverly Belles put a spin on traditional entertainment with music from the 1930s, 40s, 50s, 60s and Today's Top 40 in vintage style (a lá Postmodern Jukebox) with choreography and fun banter. Think a sassier version of The Andrews Sisters or The Chordettes!

No event is too big or too small!

  • We have opened for A-List Celebrities Meghan Trainor, Katharine McPhee Foster and Seth MacFarlane

  • We are headlining entertainment on Disney Cruise Line and produced a totally custom 45-minute show for them with Disney songs in big band style, choreography and a character-driven script

  • Other custom shows we've produced include  The Silver Lake Sisters at Disney California Adventure

  • We have a 100% client satisfaction rate and are  unparalleled in Southern California, Colorado and Nevada - just check out our glowing client reviews 

  • All of our shows are 100% original

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Victory Swingtime 

  • WWII era 1930s & 40s USO style big band swing show

  • 5 military branches salute

  • with tracks or a band

Soldier Boy

  • 1950s & 60s rock n' roll show with songs by Dusty Springfield, The Shirelles, Nancy Sinatra, The Beatles, The Supremes and more!

  • can add Vietnam & Korean veteran tribute with 5 military branch salute

  • with tracks or a band

Stars & Stripes Patriotic Show

  • WWII era 1930s & 40s USO style big band swing show

  • and / or

  • 1950s & 60s rock n' roll Vietnam & Korean veteran tribute show

  • patriotic songs

  • 5 military branches salute

  • with tracks or a band


  • cabaret style show inspired by Postmodern Jukebox

  • with tracks or a band

  • with tracks or a band

Jingle Belles

  • Beloved Christmas & Hannukah Tunes

  • WWII era 1930s & 40s USO style big band swing show

  • 5 military branches salute

  • with tracks or a band

Inspired by The Big Cheese

  • Headlining show produced for Disney Cruise Line

  • Beloved Disney songs in inventive big band style

  • Fabulous Plot

  • Audience interaction

  • with tracks or a band

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Song Lists are always growing and evolving.

Please let us know if you want to see any new tunes!

THE DENVER DOLLS ARE NOT The Beverly Belles.png

"THE DENVER DOLLS" ARE NOT The Beverly Belles 

"The Denver Dolls" are a group run unethically by Heather Lacy and Sarah Lippa - who worked as singers and group managers for Julia Tobey's company (FKA "Party Singers") from 2012 - 2016.

Heather Lacy and Sarah Lippa copied our trademark costumes exactly and stole confidential and proprietary information, including all of our music and client list. 


We want to avoid any confusion, The Denver Dolls are not The Beverly Belles.

See full press release here and please reach out to Julia Tobey with further questions.